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We are a program of theĀ Hiiye’yu Lelum House of Friendship Society


Our Philosophy

“Give a Family food, you feed them for a day. Teach them how to cook, you feed them for generations.”

Go to the people; Learn from them; Love them; start with what they know; Build on what they have; But the best of leaders; When their task is accomplished; Their work is done; The people will remark; “We have done it ourselves.”

Lao Tsu, 700BC


Core Functions

  • Operate many community kitchens
  • Provide people with the tools to realize self-reliant food security
  • Educate members to make smart choices, in planning, budgeting, shopping cooking and cleaning in relation to food.
  • To provide an environment for personal development
  • To provide transferable employment skills
  • Build community relationships
  • Strategic planning to meet community needs around food security
  • Develop response to community needs
  • Empower people with life skills to feed their family
  • Promote and encourage literacy
  • Promote interpersonal social skills
  • Teach leadership and employment skills
  • Educate the general public
  • Resource Development
  • Provide transportation for clients returning home with meals
  • Give back to the community through “providing a meal to a community member outside the kitchen and “Thank You” teas.
  • Advocate for clients
  • Consulting for other communities and organizations


  • Ensure self-reliant food security
  • Community cohesiveness and cooperation around food security
  • Personal Growth among participants


  • To advocate for clients
  • To provide infrastructure and resources to clients to ensure self-reliant food security
  • To accomplish self reliance and independence among clients and families
  • That children receive proper nutrition to better be able to be educated and participate in activities and learn the skills for future employment and community responsibility.
  • To provide an environment for personal growth and social development.