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March Newsletter

As you all know winter finally came to the Cowichan Valley in the last two weeks of February. The snow didn’t interfere with our kitchens we all managed to get them in between snowfalls. It did cuase a problem for the Cobble Hill kitchens delivery of soup to the Meals On The Ground. They are […]

October newsletter

We officially christened the outdoor oven on the 14th of September with a huge crowd of people in attendance and a lot of pizza consumed. The day was a huge success, and I hope to have photos for you at a later date.

We welcomed Warmlands kitchen […]

September newsletter

September is here and so is the completion of the Cob Oven. CCK is having a Grand Opening Event on September 14th to christen the oven. The only thing that I know for sure that will be on the menu is pizza.

In honor of our upcoming pizza […]

Check out our new Cob Oven, and the entire kitchen, in Centennial Park

Our cob oven and kitchen in Centennial Park

Thank you to all the hundreds of people who participated in developing the vision and building the actual structure. Our new kitchen in Centennial Park is so much fun to work in. It has a wood fired oven, grill and burner. A huge Vancouver Island […]

August Newsletter

We’re half way through summer already. I hope you’ve been enjoying the wonderful weather and all your time off (if your one of the fortunate people who get a summer vacation). Some of us have been going through the summer. Chili Peppers had a kitchen in July but will be taking August off, while Dish […]

July Newsletter

Summer is here! I hope evryone is out enjoying the wonderful weather we are finally getting.

Usually our kitchens take the summer off but this year some of us will be continuing for at least one month. It’s a bit of a challenge coming up with recipes for the summer months, most people prefer […]

June Newsletter

I am pleased to announce that the Outdoor Cob Oven Project is progressing nicely. There will be several cob making workshops during the first two weeks of June. People can come out, learn how to make cob and help build the oven and counters at the same time.

For more information contact Michelle at 250-709-7972 […]

May Newsletter

This is the time of year when we do our year end reports and I am happy to report that during the April 2012 to March 2013 year Cowichan Community Kitchens cooked 5834 meals, 455 of which went out to community members, and this past Christmas we baked 3908 pieces of sweets. Boy are we […]

April Newsletter

Spring has officially arrived. I’ve been enjoying the crocuses in my yard but I’m also watching the snow come and go on the mountains in Lake Cowichan. I understand the weather has been better in Duncan.

We are hoping we can get underway on the Outdoor Oven Project soon. We have two local artists Maynard […]

March Newsletter



It’s hard to believe that we are two months into the New Year. Time flies when you’re having fun or keeping busy both of which apply to Community Kitchens. All our groups are running smoothly and we are taking on more. This February was the beginning of […]