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Centennial Park Cob Oven

Welcome to our Outdoor Community Cob Oven

We invite you to come together to cook and share a meal at this extraordinary work of art, lovingly built by people in our community. Taste delicious food, learn new skills and celebrate with your family, friends, neighbours, and co-workers.

Cob Oven Manager

The Cob Oven was inspired by our Field to Table Project and to celebrate our 20th Anniversary in the Cowichan Valley. It represents one way CCK will continue its work towards food security, providing food fresh from the garden and building supports and friendships that are the fabric of a resilient community.

The oven is a wood fired rocket stove that heats up quickly (about 1/2 an hour), only burns kindling and is complete with a grill and burner. There is a marble counter top, and sinks with hot and cold running water, wheelchair accessible and is available for everyone to use.

How To Book The Oven

Click on Centennial Park Cob Oven for booking and to find out more information.

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Contact Cob Oven coordinator Joy or by email at

Thank you to all the hundreds of people who participated in developing the vision and building the actual structure.

Thanks to BC Arts Council, Peninsula Co-op, City of Duncan, and Matrix Marble and Stone for sponsoring this project.