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Donate To Cowichan Community Kitchens

100% of your donations will go directly into buying food items, helping with the transportation costs and to other areas which will directly help the Kitchens and the people who come together to use them.

Donate in person:

Hiiye’yu Lelum House of Friendship

#106-5462 Trans Canada Highway


Cowichan Community Kitchens
c/o Hiiye’yu Lelum (House of Friendship)
PO Box 1015

Please contact us for further questions or comments. Thank you in advance for your kind generosity. Donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be issued to you.

What Your Donations will Buy:

Kitchen Helper: Under $100.00

Cowichan Community Kitchens believes in empowering people to do for themselves and their community and we also know that people need support. For all of our kitchens, food costs are divided between the participant and our agency.

A small donation can makes a huge difference to our food budget.

$10.00 is CK’s cost of 3 meals for a family of four.
$25.00 is CK’s cost to make 40 meals.
$50.00 is CK’s cost to make 80 meals.
$75.00 sponsors the entire cost of a CK participant for one month.

Prep Cook— $100-$499
The Prep Cook level of support is a great way for small businesses to get involved in Community Kitchens. For this level of donation, you will be recognized as a supporter on our website.

We will also send you a Certificate of Support for you to proudly display on your business’s wall or, if you prefer, you can remain anonymous. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for any donation at this level.

Think how you can help with a donation of $100 covers CK’s cost of food for a participant for an entire year

$200 covers CK’s cost of food that is used to make 320 meals
$400 covers CK’s food cost for an entire kitchen for half a year

Line Cook — $500—$1500

line cook

$1120.00 covers CK’s food costs for 8 families of four for one year—that’s 1,280 meals that can be made!

$1120.00 covers CK’s food costs for 8 families of four for one year—that’s 1,280 meals that can be made!

At the Line Cook Level of Support, a small business can really make a difference—and get a lot back in return. You will be publicly thanked in our next newspaper article, and on our website, unless of course, you wish to remain anonymous.

A Certificate of Support will also be sent to you for you to display in your location. What sets this level of support apart is the fact that it really starts supporting the full cost of running a community kitchen each month.

To let the community know that your business has supported us, your company’s name will be displayed in the Kitchen that you sponsor for that time period. To personalize your donation, you can choose which kitchen you would like to support.

This is how you can help: $635.00 covers the entire cost of running one community kitchen a month

Sous Chef $1,500 to $2,400

$2,400.00 covers the wages of a kitchen facilitator for an entire year. $3,250.00 covers the basic cost of running a kitchen for a year. $4,000 covers CK’s cost of food for five kitchens for an entire year

Being a Sous-Chef is so rewarding. Many of our kitchens can be supported each month with your valuable donation at this level.

Your donation is important. Cowichan Community Kitchens helps people eat nutritiously and affordably. For people who are low to no income, the meals they take home from a day in our kitchen can mean the difference between being full at night or going to bed hungry.

Our kitchens get people participating, cooking and sharing together when they might otherwise not be able to. You can keep this healthy and important activity alive in our community.

To thank you for your very generous donation, we will:sous chef

  • Appreciate you publicly our two local papers.
  • Your donation will be acknowledged on our website
  • You will receive a ‘Certificate of Support’ to hang in your business location
  • Your business will be promoted on a poster outside of a kitchen that you choose to support.

Executive Chef—$5,000 and Above


$6,350.00 is what it takes to run all of our kitchens for one month.

Do you want to make lasting change in our community? Do you believe that cooking homemade meals is an important part of a healthy daily ritual? Do you know that some people don’t know how to do this? Or that some people don’t have enough money at the end of the month to feed themselves?

$6,350.00 is what it takes to run all of our kitchens for one month. As an alternative to the above, your business can sponsor a month’s worth of kitchens.

This can be used to your advantage for marketing campaigns during the month of your choice.

Cowichan Community Kitchens is an agency that works to change this—we teach people how to cook good nutritious food and help them out with the cost. Participants cook and enjoy a meal together and everyone leaves with a bounty for their own family. Cowichan Community Kitchens needs your financial support in order to continue doing the work we do best—helping people feed themselves.

You can sponsor an entire kitchen for a whole year for only $6,350.00. With this kind of long term commitment, your business can really be known and seen amongst the community that you value and support healthy food initiatives in the Cowichan Valley.

To show our extreme gratitude:

  • Your corporate logo will be displayed on our Community Kitchen van
  • Your business will be promoted on a poster outside of a kitchen that you choose to support.
  • Appreciate you publicly in our local paper by way of news article and, if possible, a photo
  • Your logo will be added to our website acknowledging your donation